The Curio Dealers Wife (Akitada mystery short stories)

Art songs in German, French, and English Southeast Asian arts: Vocal music. The role of the voice in music making differs from that of European music in both ballets”; but they have little of the passion found in Italian recitatives of the same time. were influenced by conservative trends in European Romanticism.

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Billionaire Rock - Diamond in the Rough Anthology Part 1 - the perfect mix of alpha males, strong-willed women, billionaires, obsession, darkness and steamy hot love. Despite being smart, pretty, and just slightly overweight, she's a magnet for the kind of guys that don't stay around. Her sister's wedding is at the foreground of the family's attention. Jamie would be find with it if her sister wasn't pressuring her to lose weight so she'll fit in the maid of honor dress, her mother would get off her case and her ex-boyfriend wasn't about to become her brother-in-law.

Determined to step out on her own, she accepts a PA position from billionaire Alex Reid. The job includes an apartment on his property and gets her out of living in her parent's basement. Jamie has to balance her life and somehow figure out how to manage her billionaire boss, without falling in love with him. His Needs.

His Demands.

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Your Pleasure. You're Welcome. Bethany had one more year of school left, and once again, poverty strikes hard. The only option would be to encourage her mother to marry her new boyfriend Kent, a billionaire tycoon in the world of accounting. Mom is more than happy to move the wedding date up, and Bethany's soon-to-be father is willing to pay for her schooling - on one condition.

The Black Tower (1975) - P. D. James - Audio Book - Crime Fiction, Mystery

She works for his firm as an intern throughout the next year. Dark features and a stare that would melt panties, he's everything one might imagine of a Billionaire's spoiled alpha son, her new boss. Her billionaire boss plays lots of games and though she hates herself for it, Bethany is more than yearning for the chance to fulfill His Needs. Billionaire Rock, part 1 is a 3-part Rich-boy anthology, Part 2 coming in May! The Darkness Within. Andrew Fairfax has it all. Money, fast cars, a jet set lifestyle and above all Jenny, his smart, successful, beautiful wife.

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He has an insanely jealous personality and cannot get past the thought that Jenny may be unfaithful and leave him. Andrew pressurises his best friend Ben to test Jenny's fidelity, which starts a chain of events that will have disastrous consequences for all of them. A missing comic book genius.

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An all-powerful hallucinogenic designer drug. Max Bowman is haunted by both of them — and he just might lose his mind as a result. When Max takes on the mission to find the long-lost creator of cult superhero Blue Fire, he ends up getting dosed with a chemical that upends his sanity just when he needs it the most. When frumpy senior citizen Archie goes in search of his missing son in the Spanish Canary Islands, he stumbles upon a higher mission: locating a magical cure for his ailing fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Ella. Using a portal-jumping device called the Tillastrion, Archie and a stone-headed creature named Zeno are transported to Jarr-Wya, a magnificent yet terrifying island in a connected realm—along with Ella and her strong-willed mother, Tessa, who accidentally stow away on this not-so-secret quest.

What they find on Jarr-Wya is an island tortured by a wicked Star anchored in the sea, and a raging three-way battle for dominion between the stone-wielding Bangols, the fiery Olearons, and the evil Millia sands. When Ella is captured, Tessa and Archie—with the help of a company of peculiar allies—set out to save her and unravel the terrible mystery of her cure. A mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night adventure of three unlikely heroes, Above the Star reminds us that even the smallest act of bravery can transform our lives and the fates of the worlds around us.

Dead to Them.

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The Lost Hopes of the Future. Website Valuation: How to calculate the worth of a website? It represents the first synthesis of research in this broad and rapidly developing area. Selected topics are discussed in-depth, the goal being to establish fundamental techniques and methods as a basis for future research and development. Additional topics are treated at a survey level only, containing numerous pointers to the relevant literature. A roadmap for future research, based on open issues and challenges identified along the way, rounds out the book. The book is divided into three main parts, sandwiched between introductory and concluding chapters.

The first two chapters introduce readers to the basic concepts, provide an overview of entity-oriented search tasks, and present the various types and sources of data that will be used throughout the book.

Part I deals with the core task of entity ranking: given a textual query, possibly enriched with additional elements or structural hints, return a ranked list of entities. This core task is examined in a number of different variants, using both structured and unstructured data collections, and numerous query formulations.

In turn, Part II is devoted to the role of entities in bridging unstructured and structured data. Part III explores how entities can enable search engines to understand the concepts, meaning, and intent behind the query that the user enters into the search box, and how they can provide rich and focused responses as opposed to merely a list of documents —a process known as semantic search.

The final chapter concludes the book by discussing the limitations of current approaches, and suggesting directions for future research. Researchers and graduate students are the primary target audience of this book. A general background in information retrieval is sufficient to follow the material, including an understanding of basic probability and statistics concepts as well as a basic knowledge of machine learning concepts and supervised learning algorithms.

It's almost Halloween, and Ariana Artist and the other members of STEAMTeam 5 set out to solve the mystery surrounding the Old Cider Mill, where something terrible happened long ago, and legends say it's been haunted by a tortured spirit for years! Get ready for spine-tingling chills and unexpected twists in this Halloween tale that has all the makings of a timeless, autumn classic. The Daughters of Penruddock is a collection of seven romance novellas set in the medieval-like secondary world of the island continent of Penruddock.

Each story features a sweet romance with protagonists of varying social class depending on the occupations of their fathers. Most are young; one is a widow with a grown son. All face one challenge or another on the road to finding their happily ever after. Although living in a time when women are limited in their options for education and occupation, many challenge societal norms in one way or another.

All offer a character and personality with her own unique qualities, such as kindness, determination, courage, steadfastness, good humor, thoughtfulness, artistic capability, and intellectual curiosity. These are sweet romances suitable for both adult and young adult readers. The Umbrella And The Wind. Good girls don't go snooping where they don't belong. But Lady Delia Scarborough never claimed to be a good girl. Lady Delia Scarborough wants her sister back from the grave. Since that can't happen, she'll settle for the next best thing Making sure her sister's murderer does not go free.

Lady Delia's happy to play the part of maid as long as it gets her inside the home of Kieran Dearborne, Duke of Cowanfield. He may be able to fool his young daughter into thinking he's innocent, but he can't fool Delia. She knows a murderer when she sees one. But the attraction that blossoms between them throws her plans into chaos.

The more Delia gets to know the Duke, the more she thinks his innocence is no act. But every clue she uncovers points to him, and he acts strangely whenever she's around. Delia will do anything to avenge her sister's death, but that means putting her own life in peril.

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  • Die spanische Emigration des 20. Jahrhunderts aus Sicht spanischer und lateinamerikanischer Autoren: Miguel Delibes: Diario de un emigrante; Miguel Barnet: Gallego (German Edition).

Can the duke's love pull Delia back from the brink of danger? Or was her fate sealed the moment she stepped into the Duke's home? Naturally they fucked it all up. So when he and his best friend Danny build a time machine,their one wish is for a glimpse of the original production. Will they succeed in saving the production? Vegetarian Christmas: the art of making a tasty and healthy holiday.

The Phantom of the Temple (Judge Dee Series)

What could be better than the advent of the beloved Christmas holiday? All relatives and friends gather at the big table. Delight guests with useful recipes of modern vegetarian cuisine.

Tasty and healthy. Even with the emergence of user friendly distributions like Ubuntu and Mint, a significant amount of user configuration is still required to keep a Linux system running on a daily basis. In this book we take a detailed look at managing users and groups, we look at how to create a more secure system that will be less vulnerable to threats, as well as delving into the various aspects of managing filesystems and storage partitions.

We also address specific topics such as working with hard and soft links, getting the most out of text processing, package management and architecture, utilizing shared libraries, manipulating processes for system optimization, as well as other essential topics every proficient Linux user and administrator needs to know. What This Book OffersDetailed Practical ExamplesThroughout the entire guide we provide practical examples with command line snippets and system screenshots to demonstrate how the aspects we discuss are applied on a real system.

For complicated topics we also include step-by-step examples to guide you through a process every step of the way. Dissected CommandsCommand line instructions are broken down into their basic commands, with each component explained in detail, making learning easy and much more manageable. We also look at the various options and switches available for each command, along with accompanying examples.